Clonkeen College was founded by the Christian Brothers in 1967. It caters for 500 pupils and has a staff of 28 teachers. The college is a non feepaying Boys’ Secondary School with modern facilities and extensive playing fields.

In 1986 a Board of Management was established and appointed Mr. J.P. Healy as the first lay principal of the college.

Aims and Philosophy Clonkeen College seeks:

  • to promote Christian Values in the pupils’ life and work;
  • to develop the varied talents of each individual;
  • to promote academic excellence;
  • to provide a disciplined atmosphere in which learning may prosper;
  • to provide a healthy social environment in which the student may enjoy his school life;
  • to guide and counsel each student in his preparation for a career and role in life;
  • to retain the positive aspects of a traditional Christian Brothers’ education.

Students are encouraged to participate fully in a wide variety of sports and other activities which take place in the school.

Religious Education occupies a prominent place in the programme of studies of Clonkeen College. Religious activities within the school include:

  • A Conference of St. Vincent de Paul Strong support for Missionary and Third Appeals.
  • Annual Retreats for all classes.