Parents Facts Sheet.

Parents’ Facts Sheet 

Frequently Asked Questions.

 Clonkeen College Parents’ Association has put together a short list of questions and answers from our experience to assist new families in settling into the school.

As a Council, we promote and contribute to the educational and general welfare interests of pupils in the school. We act as an advisory body and we foster social and recreational activities amongst parents and pupils in the school.

We meet monthly, our annual general meeting takes place in September and we are always very eager to encourage as many parents as possible to become involved in the life of the school.


Is there an Entrance Exam for incoming First Years and what format does it take?

No, there is no Entrance Exam but there is an Assessment Test which allows the school to gain an insight into your son’s ability level. This is done in order so that the school can properly arrange its resources for the coming year to support its new students as best it can. The assessment consists of tests in Mathematics, Reading, Spelling and Non-Verbal Reasoning which take about two and a half hours in total.


What is the school uniform & where can I get it? 

Junior Cycle: 1st to 3rd year: Grey trousers, shirt & jumper, school tie, black shoes.

TY Year: Black school hoodie, white polo shirt, grey trousers, black shoes.

Senior Cycle: Black trousers, black jumper, white shirt, school tie and black shoes.

All years should wear the school jacket.

The uniform can be purchased at

The Schoolwear House, Unit 3, Ballyogan Business Park

Ballyogan Road, Dublin 18   Tel: 2921540.

Students wear their own gear for Sport and PE classes.


What is Registration Day and why is it important to attend?

Registration Day is a day in August when each student of the school, including incoming students, must be registered as a Clonkeen College student in the school hall by their parents/guardians.


What subjects are on the Curriculum in Clonkeen College?

Irish, English, Mathematics, French, Information & Communications Technology (Computers), CSPE, Religion, Art, Science, History, Geography, Business are the Junior Certificate examinable subjects available in Clonkeen College.

PE and SPHE are also timetabled for First Year classes.

Apart from Irish, English, Mathematics, Leaving Certificate students choose four Leaving Certificate examinable subjects from an option grid which includes French, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business, Accounting, Economics, History, Geography, Art & Design and LCVP. PE and Religion (both non-examinable) may also be timetabled for your son.


Are the classes in Clonkeen College streamed?

No, classes in Clonkeen College are generally mixed ability. However, setting occurs in Irish and Mathematics in Second Year. Setting is the practice of sorting students by ability for a restricted number of subjects only.


How many classes are there in each day and what are their times?

There are eight classes per day and their times are as follows:

First Class:       09:00 – 09:45

Second Class:   09:45 – 10:30

Small Break:  10:30 – 10:45  Students may not leave school grounds at this time.

Third Class:      10:45 – 11:25

Fourth Class:    11:25 – 12:05

Fifth Class:       12:05 – 12:45

Big Break:      12:45 – 13:45  Students may leave school grounds at this time.

Sixth Class:       13:45 – 14:30

Seventh Class:  14:30 – 15:10

Eight Class:       15:10 – 15:50   Classes end at 15:50.


How often do I receive school reports, phone calls, letters and text messages from the school?

The school sends out school reports twice a year. Letters, phone calls and text messages are sent to you when they are required. It is very important that the school has the most up to date address and contact phone numbers (including mobile phone numbers), and parents/guardians are reminded to always inform the office if there are any changes to these.


What if my child mislays his school jacket, jumper etc, in school, what do we do to try to get it back?

The school has a lost property room, ask your child to call to the office, we will organise that the room is checked. However, it is very important that all items of school uniform, textbooks and personal property are clearly marked with your son’s name.

If I have a concern about my son and would like to talk to someone at the school, to whom should I speak? To whom should my son speak if he has an issue?

The Pastoral Care System at Clonkeen College encourages you or your son to contact any of the following who will have a specific interest in your son’s welfare:

Each class has a Tutor, and each year has a Year Head.

Also available to speak to you:   Principal,   Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor

Just contact the school office staff at 01 2892709 who will get the relevant person to return the call to you. On occasion, Staff may also pastorally intervene to address areas of concern the school may have with your student.


What sports and other extra-curricular activities are available in Clonkeen College?

Gaelic Football, Soccer, Athletics, Tennis are all available in Clonkeen College at present. Also, Drama, Pantomime, Debating, Gaisce, Public Speaking and The Third World Support Group are activities available to your son.


Is Positive Behaviour recognised in Clonkeen College?

Continual/ongoing encouragement and support is offered in the form of;

§         Verbal praise by the teacher

§         Positive comments to the Year Head/Tutor by subject teachers

§         Positive written comments by subject teachers.

§         Certificates of Excellence.

On a daily basis, Management, Year Heads, Class Tutors and teachers regularly recognise and reward positive behaviours through the Class Reward Scheme which has been in operation now for two years. Ms. Jenny Egan is the Co-ordinator of this Scheme. Each year group has an Annual Awards event organised by its Year Head.


Do students have a School Journal?

Yes, the Clonkeen College School Journal is compulsory for all students.


Do students have a locker?

Yes, students are allowed to rent a school locker each year.


Is there a cafeteria or lunch area for students?

No, there are no such facilities for students. Students may not leave school grounds at small break but are permitted to leave school grounds at the lunch break. Many students go home for lunch at this time.

Is my son permitted to cycle to school? What facilities exist in Clonkeen for him to park his bike safely and securely?

Of course your son may cycle to school. However, he is not permitted to cycle on school grounds. We strongly advise parents to ensure their son wears a safety helmet. Bikes may be parked in the bike parking area inside the school gates which are usually closed and locked except before nine o’ clock, at lunchtime and after school. Students should ensure their bike is secured with their own lock in the space provided.