Parents’ Council

Clonkeen College Parents Association Constitution


1.  This body shall be known as Clonkeen College Parents Association.

2.  Membership shall be confined to parents and guardians of boys attending Clonkeen College.

3.  The objectives of the Clonkeen College Parents Association shall be:

a.       To promote and contribute to the educational and general welfare interests of pupils in the school in cooperation with the board, principal, teachers and students of the school.

b.      To act as an advisory body on major school issues.

c.       To foster social and recreational activities amongst parents/guardians and pupils in the school.

4.  The Clonkeen College Parents Association shall not concern itself with the day to day management of the school.

5.  The Clonkeen College Parents Association shall have at least two representatives of parents/guardians from each year in the school as members of the Association, notwithstanding the maximum number of members shall be fifteen.

6.  Officers of the Clonkeen College Parents Association shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and PRO.

7.  A quorum at a meeting of the Clonkeen College Parents Association shall consist of six ordinary members and any two officers.  The Clonkeen College Parents Association meeting shall not take place unless a quorum is present.

8.  Any vote of the Association must be carried by majority vote of the Association members, subject to 7 and 20.

9.  Membership of the Clonkeen College Parents Association shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting, which is open to all parents and which is held each October.

10.  All Clonkeen College Parents Association officers shall be elected/re-elected at the last meeting of the Academic year (May), for the coming year. The remaining ten positions will be nominated and elected at the AGM in October, subject to 5 above. No office or position shall be held for more than two consecutive years by the same person.  For this election a majority will consist of 75% of a quorum.

11.  Once elected an ordinary member shall serve for a maximum term of two consecutive years, unless elected as an Officer, in which case they may serve for a further two years (as at 10 above) as an Officer.  No person may serve for a term of more than four consecutive years.  No person may be re-elected to the Council having served as an Ordinary Member or as an Officer, without a minimum rest period of one Academic year.

In the event of vacancies, co-option to the Clonkeen College Parents Association